Louis XV

Frames during the reign of Louis XV (1723-1774) went from Regence to true Rococo. The decadence of the time is exhibited in the ornate open carvings and sweeping free curves so prevalent in the frame designs.
15-15-R 15-45-S 15-514-SS 15-518 15-45-PS 15-458-S 15-358-R 15-438-S 15-45-PR 15-318-S 15-418-G 15-434-R 15-55 15-538 15-334-C 15-35-C 15-3-SS 15-03 15-234-L 15-2-L 15-358-L 15-3-C 15-234-CH 15-2-PS 15-2-C 15-114-B 15-118-B 15-114-L 15-15-CR 15-3-TC 15-134-PC 15-418-S