Tabernacle 15th C.


The collection of period Italian frames have a beautiful and extensive range of ornament; carving, gilding, polychrome and sgraffito embelish these classic forms.
Tabernacle 15th C. IT-4-HRFG IT-6 IT-434-L IT-258-L IT-178-CM IT-4 IT-178 IT-C-4 IT-C-3 IT-334-D IT-35-SO IT-35-F IT-35-HFRG IT-314 IT-334-F IT-2-P3 IT-15-HF IT-114-C IT-3-B IT-234-C IT-278-SG IT-3-F IT-134-L IT-15-HF IT-25-HF IT-25-D IT-218-P34 IT-218 IT-218-L IT-2-RG IT-2-F IT-2-F-U/C IT-118-LH IT-34 IT-218 IT-10-L IT-114-L IT-114-HB IT-114-HF IT-05 IT-35-CM