New York Painting Restoration


The proper selection of a frame is a science based on extensive knowledge, balance, color, history, and the love and respect for the art.

When choosing a frame for your art, our first consideration is the question of conservation. After this subject is discussed, we assist in the selection of mating and framing, which is in harmony with your art.

The important thing to remember is that the result does not have to be “OUR TASTE”, but has to be “IN TASTE”.
We will spend the time so that the right frame from the numerous possibilities is chosen.

Our extensive display of museum frames are made by the same companies which museums use for their framing needs. Styles range from Dutch, Italian, English, Spanish, French and American Period frames.

Whether a Louis XIII, or a modern handmade hardwood frame is appropriate, our vast $30,000 inventory of corner samples will aid any museum curator, collector and/or art lover wishing to frame his or her sons or daughters first piece of art.


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